The Trine house belongs to the Roost series of treehouses and has been developed to exist without reliance on the support of trees.  The triangular framework evenly distributes the structural support across each of the buildings creating a sound stable frame when high up and exposed to the elements.

Accessed through a central staircase within the main (middle) building which follows the form of the tree houses but is semi transparent through the slatted wooden design. At the top of the high climb up the spiral staircase, the structure opens out into a large open pod which acts as an outdoor room and viewing tower as well as the access point to the three treehouses which stem off this pod. 

The connecting treehouses contain a large open plan Living space with floor to ceiling windows and a small staircase which leads down to a floor below which is the bathroom, which again has a panoramic array of windows. Water pipes  and energy is powered up through the central nerve of the structure into the interior. A further staircase leads up to the top deck from the main interior through an enclosed hatch door to keep the elements enclosed. This exterior space lets the user have a real panaramic view of the forest and creates a peaceful place to relax and enjoy the tranquil epic views of the trees canopys.