The Nook

Inspired by elements of the Teepee Structure, The Nook is a rustic Cabin alternative that can be used in various natural environments for Hotels, Retreats, The Office, Home Studio or even a Workshop. The Standard Size Nook sleeps 2 people. A Shower/Bathroom Nook can be used as a communal wash area to accomodate a group of standard size Nooks. The larger Nook can accommodate 4 people with an extra floor/Bedroom above as well as a Bathroom & Shower Room on the ground floor.

Slatted wooden clad panels are attached to the main frame using different woods native to that particular area. As the structure ages, these wooden panels weather, blending more into the surrounding area. The main slats are angled and layered to keep out the elements and create a run off for the rain as well a being completely sealed on the inside to keep out any bugs. The Roof of the structure is constructed in sections of reinforced angled glass to allow the rain and leaves to run off too as well as letting light into the Interior. The high ceiling gives a sense of spaciousness to the Interior creating a unique atmosphere inside the angled walls. A series of double slatted Glass framed doors/Windows repeat the same slatted design as the outer structure apart from they can be Louvred from the inside to screen out the light. If the Structure is used as an Office/Studio then there is the option to have narrow window type shutters that can open out above the Desk to provide a view outside whilst seated. The Structure is constructed using a Sustainable approach to the materials used throughout to the Power source and Toilet facilities. The Structure is very versatile to where it can be located: Sloped Hills, Forests, Coastal areas. The Nook can even be used as a Raft type structure on Waters edges using recycled containers which are hidden underneath, eliminating alot of structural work and creating a unique calming experience in the right location settings. Please be in contact for further details on Layout Options and Prices.