The Moduu house

Available in different variations from the one shape, the Moduu House can be connected using any of the variations, forming many different layouts and configurations.

Each modular unit measures 2.5 x 2.5 meters with one or two sides ‘open’ to allow each unit to be connected onto another increasing the interior space. This modular approach gives an endless variation of layouts that allows you to be as creative with the space you like,  joining as many units together as you wish relative to your budget.

When the units are connected, the repetition and overall arrangement of structures together creates a very interesting sequence, transforming the simplistic single unit into a cluster of geometric staggered forms.

The exterior is finished in a traditional Japanese charred wood cladding known as Shou Sugi Ban. Large minimal full length windows allow ample light into each structure with the option of a sliding door on some of the units. An exterior platform is available as part of the modular series allowing you to be innovative with the layout of this exterior space between or around the structures.

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